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Why Your Website Builder is Killing Your Business

Posted by Chris Taglia on Jul 16, 2014 1:50:00 PM
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In the digital age, a company’s website is more crucial than ever before.  People don’t use the phone book to look up businesses anymore.  They use Google (or Bing or Yahoo).  People don’t call a business to find out their hours or if they have a certain product.  They look on the company’s website.  If you’re a business owner, it’s time to think about how you want the future of your company to look online.  Having a great product is essential, but if people don’t know about it, how will you sell it?

The internet provides so many avenues to find new customers, but if you don’t use it properly with a high-quality website, you’ll be wasting the opportunity to grow your business.  Most business owners aren’t website developers, so they have to rely on other resources to get a great site.  Many have been drawn in by website builder companies such as Go Daddy, Wix, and Weebly.  These sites promise to provide you with everything you need to build a professional and highly functional business website in no time.  Unfortunately, that promise often goes unfulfilled.

Among other examples, the template sites are detrimental to your online presence in three big ways: SEO, Upselling, and Design. And you don’t even own the site!!! You will have to purchase another one when you expand; rather then just updating it… ever heard the expression “the cheap comes out expensive?”

Issues with Website Builders’ SEO

  • Have slow speeds, which cause people to leave your site without viewing the content.  Search engines hold this against you in rankings.
  • Some use Flash technology.  This is an old method of building sites, and causes search engines to ignore your content.
  • Don’t allow you to name images.  Because people use search engines to look up images for products, your images need to be properly labeled.  These sites don’t optimize your labels.

Once Web Builders Lock You In, The Upselling Begins

  • Charge around $30 for a domain name that can easily be purchased for $10.
  • Charge up to three times more when you renew for another year.
  • Provide cookie cutter sites that users don’t have the know-how to customize.  They then offer their support for $75-$125 per hour.

Website Builder Design and Layout Problems

  • Poor performance and slow load times.
  • Outdated code.  This makes it more difficult if you want to upgrade your site in the future.
  • Layout designs that aren’t user-friendly.
  • Small site structures that don’t provide enough content to properly educate your customers on your services.

While these sites can be faster to build, your business requires quality over speed.  At Tag Grafx Marketing, we have years of experience building websites for our clients that lead to MORE SALES.  We take the time to talk to you about the goals of your site, and can also provide valuable ideas based on our extensive experience.  Also, valuable features and call-to-actions that most web builders simply don’t offer. Reach out to us to set up a no obligation, free consultation where we can show you how we can build a website to grow your business (773-680-6952 –


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