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Marketing Agency Vs In-House Marketing: The Right Choice For Your B2B

6 minute read

B2B start-up companies and small businesses eventually all come to the same conclusion, that they need marketing to reach their business goals, grow, and compete in your industry. But the million-dollar question is should you hire a marketing agency (external) or hire an in-house marketing department (internal).

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Customer Lifetime Value Calculation Example & It's Importance To You

3 minute read

The Big Question Every Company Asks Themselves: How Much Profit Are We Making Off Each Customer?

This answer is so important because it determines the fate of the business currently, as well as what profits need to be made in order to allow the company to expand in the future. That is why the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the single most important metric in making financial business decisions regarding Marketing, Sales, Product Development, and Customer Support. As we go more into depth on these topics, you will be able to answer these following questions on each of these areas the business standpoint.

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Customer Acquisition Cost: Examples + Calculations = Results

7 minute read

Customer Acquisition Cost is THE Main Metric In Determining The Success Of Your Company

Customer Acquisition Cost: example, calculation, result, and how to improve it all here and simplified for you.

Traditionally, a company had to intrigue viewers with an abrupt style of advertising, and from there they would find methods to track consumers through the decision-making process.

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12 Digital Marketing Metrics Your Boss Probably Doesn't Care About

7 minute read

Receiving hundreds or thousands of likes on Facebook is exciting, right? Other things such as an increase in web page views or comments on your blog post are also positive, right? While these are definitely good in terms of feedback for your marketing team, but these are most likely not what your boss actually cares about or wants to waste time discussing.

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6 Important Marketing Metrics Made Simple For You & Your Boss {Chart}

5 minute read

We simplified these important marketing metrics, including a cheat sheet & chart below, so you are able to show your boss trackable data that they actually care about and can actually understand such as cost-per-acquisition, customer’s lifetime value, where to best spend their budgets, and how long it will take to see returns.

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How to Hire the Right SEO Expert for Your Chicago Agency

4 minute read

Search engine optimization has become one of the biggest jobs and determinants for content creation in blogs and websites. But before you hire an SEO expert, you must make sure to research the potential advantages and disadvantages that so called SEO “expert” can do to your site. Learn the ten questions every company should ask before they hire an SEO specialist, along with the ten biggest red flags to be aware of. A local SEO agency provides Chicago businesses with services ranging from:

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Does Your Logo and Brand Stack Up?

2 minute read

Some logos are so famous that they don’t need to incorporate their company name or a tagline. There is a lot of brainstorming, testing, revisions, and money involved to get the job done right. Especially for companies on a global scale, so cultural differences don’t become a barrier.

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Topics: Business, Graphic Design

How To Market Your Company - 4 Things to Consider

3 minute read

How To Market Your Company Products or Services?

Where Do I Begin? Every time I pick up the phone, or get an email from a potential new client, I always answer the same questions along with “where do I start?” It can be a very daunting question, and overwhelming experience trying to organize and configure a marketing budget and strategy.

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