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Why Automated Workflows Improve Ecommerce Sales & Customer Satisfaction

4 minute read

Running an eCommerce business can seem daunting for several reasons. First, capturing and maintaining customers’ interest in your products is challenging in the face of high competition. Second, it is tricky to balance an effective process for operations with a personal level of customer service.

One solution to both of these problems is setting up automated workflows. Automated workflows offer great potential for promoting internal efficiencies, increasing eCommerce revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

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Topics: eCommerce, Marketing, Automation

Rev-Up Online Sales With Paid Retail & eCommerce Ads: The Dynamic Duo

4 minute read

Even before anyone knew what COVID was, you probably noticed the frequency of online ads picked up day after day. Retailers and ecommerce businesses were, still are, and will continue to storm social media feeds and websites.

Why? Here are a few compelling statistics they simply cannot ignore, especially nowadays:

  • The number of online shoppers across the globe has reached over 2.14 billion. That is up from 1.66 billion in 2016.
  • Millennials spend around 6 hours per week shopping online.
  • It is projected that eCommerce will account for more than 18% of worldwide retail by the end of 2020.
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Topics: eCommerce, Marketing, PPC

Think You Don't Need Ads? Google Favors Paid Search Results

2 minute read

The Search Engine Giant’s Layout Is Optimized For Paid Results

Landing a spot “above the fold” in Google search results is becoming nearly impossible. Why? Recent changes to Google's search result pages give paid ads almost total control of the screen, especially before a user has to scroll down.

Prior to the update, 10 organic search results showed up. Now that number ranges from five to 10, with an average of seven. 

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Topics: Marketing, PPC

Catalog Marketing Is Essential For Supplementing Sales Now & Forever

4 minute read

No, we are not joking. Really! Catalogs are still a viable marketing tool.

How can this traditional, print marketing tool possibly hold its own against flashy digital marketing strategies? This fact might convince you:

Consumers spend an average of 15.5 minutes looking through a catalog and keep it for weeks, according to Trends and Updates, USPS.

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Topics: Graphic Design, Catalogs

Make These Marketing Mistakes If You Want Your Business To Fail

4 minute read

Marketing During The Coronavirus Requires Treading Lightly

Right now it is far too easy to make marketing mistakes that can cost your business customers, profits and reputation including:

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Topics: Marketing

How To Effectively Market Your Re-Opening During COVID-19

5 minute read

Great, It’s Finally Time To Re-Open Your Business. Now What? 

When your brick-and-mortar business is able to reopen its doors, you may not necessarily be in a position to get back to business. Customers and employees wary of being exposed to coronavirus may worry about being in an enclosed space with other people. Furthermore, many of your customers are straining to keep their own business or lives afloat as they are in the wake of a crumbling economy. Consumers do not currently have the budget to spend exorbitant amounts of money and for a business, it takes money to make money.

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Topics: Marketing

A Bad Reputation Will Kill Your Business Before The Coronavirus Will

5 minute read

You need street cred during the coronavirus outbreak. How can you get it? By improving your online star ratings and getting more positive reviews.

  • 97% of consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision.
  • 86% of people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews, according to Nusani.
  • RevLocal found that 42% of consumers will not use a business with less than a 3-star rating.

Uncertainty is running rampant at the moment due to the virus and economic crisis. Captain Obvious: People are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. In times like these, when people feel like the ground beneath them keeps shifting, demonstrating that your business can help them find stable ground - even in a small way - is paramount.

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Topics: Marketing, Reputation

People Are Going “Loco” For Local Businesses During Coronavirus

3 minute read

Small businesses with American-made products and local services are highly regarded right now due to the coronavirus outbreak. I know what you are thinking, what is this “American-made" thing you are talking about? Well products use to be made in the good ole U.S. of A. but everything got outsourced across seas to boost profits and look at where we are at right now... A lack of trust in foreign markets and issues getting imported goods across borderlines have given these U.S. companies a distinct advantage over their counterparts.

What are the best ways to demonstrate that you are local and capitalize on this advantage? Create or update your local listings, social profiles, and your website.


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