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Catalog Marketing Is Essential For Supplementing Sales Now & Forever

Posted by Chris Taglia on Jul 7, 2020 11:47:20 AM
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Catalog Marketing Is Essential For Supplementing Sales Now & Forever

No, we are not joking. Really! Catalogs are still a viable marketing tool.

How can this traditional, print marketing tool possibly hold its own against flashy digital marketing strategies? This fact might convince you:

Consumers spend an average of 15.5 minutes looking through a catalog and keep it for weeks, according to Trends and Updates, USPS.

Customers who have already purchased from your business will be even more inclined to make more purchases if you send them catalogs. This is because catalogs are an excellent customer retention tool. Think about the ongoing promotion you would get from a catalog that customers hold onto and peruse multiple times.

A recent COVID-19 update from the Centers For Disease Control relieved the fears around mail promoting virus transmission. The government agency recently stated that the virus does not spread easily from touching objects or surfaces - although it is still important to practice proper handwashing.

Consumers spend an average of 15.5 minutes looking through a catalog and keep it for weeks

Your Sales Plan Must Include Catalogs In Order To Increase The Chances Of Success

Catalogs Facilitate Deep Engagement

The purchase experience you give customers has the power to greatly influence their buying decision in one direction or the other. Print pieces have the ability to forge an emotional connection with customers. For this reason, even companies that primarily utilize digital marketing practices are embracing print pieces.

Catalogs take people on an adventure using pictures. Visual elements are highly effective at capturing people’s attention and engaging them. On average, consumers hold onto catalogs for 20.3 days and 84% of these consumers enjoy receiving them.

consumers hold onto catalogs for 20.3 days and 84% of these consumers enjoy receiving them

Physical Ads Make A Big Impact

Study results reveal that people can easily remember physical ads and that they leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, these results indicated that physical ads trigger activity in the ventral striatum, the area of the brain that controls the evaluation of the value of products under consideration.

Catalogs stimulate several of the five senses at once, between the appealing images and the feel of the glossy paper. This provides an experience to customers that feels very real. These multidimensional experiences spark emotions and can even relieve bill-related anxiety.

In summary, catalogs facilitate:

  • Improved memory of products over a longer period of time
  • Stronger brand association
  • Deep emotional connections

Catalogs stimulate several of the five senses at once

Personalizing The Customer Experience Is Easy With Customer Data

Targeting different segments of your audience is easier now courtesy of industry databases that are rich in demographic information on millions of households. Online purchasing has also been helpful in this regard, allow retailers to create their own databases.

These resources give you the ability to target high-quality leads for your catalog campaigns. And when you segment your audiences, you offset production costs because you are targeting consumers who have displayed an interest in a specific product category.

Millennials actively engage with mail and spend more time than other generations sorting through their mail

Physical Mail Appeals To All Generations - Including Millennials

It can be tricky to capture the interest of the sought-after Millennial audience. Fortunately, catalogs are one type of marketing piece that appeals to Millennials. This generation is inundated with high-tech digital media. They welcome the chance to get their hands on something they can literally feel. Millennials actively engage with mail and spend more time than other generations sorting through their mail.

That said, catalogs are a great way to engage older generations, as well. Generation Xers and Baby Boomers welcome the feeling of nostalgia that catalogs give them.


Keep Your Catalogs Out Of Your Marketing Trash Bin

While catalogs are a traditional marketing tool, they are still extremely effective at engaging customers, they allow you to target consumers and they appeal to audiences in every generation.

The team at Tag Marketing designs print and digital catalogs that compel customers to pick them up, keep turning the pages and make purchases. The event and product catalogs we create are tailored to your business needs and budget.

Having gotten our start as a graphic design company, Tag Marketing thrives at print design projects and retooling them in the digital world. We know how to leverage your ideas and our marketing expertise to maximize your investment.

Find Out How We Can Make Your Catalogs Come To Life, Captivate Customers & Drive Them To Take Action!


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