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6 Different Types of Offerings That Utilize Content You Already Have

Posted by Chris Taglia on Aug 4, 2017 3:20:12 PM
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different types of offerings per buyer decision stage

Do you want to attract more viewers & generate more leads by simply utilizing your already existing content?

Thinking of new content and marketing strategies can be overwhelming for small business owners, but fortunately there are a few simple ways to use the content you already have in new and creative ways. They will keep your customer-base returning to your website, as well as, enticing the new viewers to convert into actual customers.

Let’s take a look at 6 different types of offerings we can implement within your existing content strategy that generates leads and increases sales.

1) FAQ Sheet

Create a top 5, 10, or 20 list of questions that your potential customers are going to ask about your business, product, or service.

Think about the questions that current customers and prospects already ask about your products and services, provide concise and easy to understand answers for them, and let them comment publicly on your website.

This will allow your target audience to stay connected, get a better understanding of your product or service, boost your search engine rankings, and push them further down the buyer decision process until they ultimately become a sale.

2) Content Kits

Offering different types of your existing content will be very effective in getting your message across to your viewers at their specific stage of the buyer’s journey.

Use any of these tools below to effectively and efficiently demonstrate your product or service to your viewers.

  • Slideshow Presentation (static or animated slides)
  • Photos, Graphics, Charts, etc.
  • Demo Videos, How To’s, and Instructional
  • Webinars

Most people are kinetic learners, requiring visuals and interaction to really grad their attention and to gain a firm understanding. By doing this, you will capture better quality leads that convert to sales faster. Also, turning your customers into advocates that will share their experience.

3) Fresh Content Expansion

Adding new information to the existing content allows you to switch it up a bit, while still relaying the same information and messages you want to get across.

This is a great content marketing strategy. Reviewing the content you already have will help you in creating new ideas of expanding on previous information and keeping your content up-to-date with new material. Google loves this type of thing and rewards it!

For the high-level information content that technical people desire, use the data you have to create a detailed PDF about each product or service and give the users a way to download it from the related web page.

With your most popular blogs and pages, include more in-depth information such as industry research, environmental research, product research, and case studies to help sell the features and benefits of what you’re selling.

Switching up any phrases can make the blog seem new and exciting, while still keeping the same key points or messages you want to relay to the viewers.

4) ebooks & eguides

eBooks can help you combine information and images into an easy read report, making it more rational to the customer when completing a form.

eBooks are more interactive than your average white piece of paper. They include links to related information, images, and a call-to-action (CTA) directing them to the next step. eBooks are a more valuable and convenient tool for readers since they can view the material on their own time without internet connection and are easy to follow.

This form of content marketing is very effective with quality lead generation. Don’t just give your eBook away for nothing; setup and SEO a landing page with a short form that users need to fill out in order to download it for free once submitted.

Here’s a perfect example of a powerful eBook & it's optimized landing page that collects a lead: Learn 30 Lead Generation Tips That Were Used To Generate Over 70,000 Leads Per Month [Free eBook Download}

5) Competitor Comparisons

Provide a detailed comparison of how your products and services compare in pricing and performance over the competition.

Create a side-by-side chart that compares pricing, features, and benefits in detail to your competition. Educate your visitors by differentiating two or more brands offering a similar product or service to yours. Providing this information in an easy to follow format will be extremely helpful to a viewer when deciding to buy.

Check out this article by that provides some great examples on how to steal your competitor’s customers with a highly effective comparison chart & analysis.

6) Off-Line Marketing

Review content from your past off-line marketing efforts and retool it into a blog post today.

Any marketing you have done off-line in the past, such as printed brochures or flyers handed out at trade shows, you can re-purpose that content into a blog post, slide show, landing page, or different type of offering. Renovating old into new is all too common these days, so why not applying it to your content marketing strategy as well to generate leads?

Take the Coca-Cola™ brand for an example, they are a 125 year old company that are continuously updating their brand with new and innovative ways of marketing their products to appeal to the generations. By adding new ideas to the old, they manage to maintain their traditional ways with a fresh new output.

Things to Keep In Mind

You can generate new leads and grow sales just by retooling your existing content with different types of offerings that appeal to various audiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey. These pieces of content will integrate seamlessly into your current marketing strategy while greatly improving your RIO in an affordable, easy, and effective way! Don't give your all your premium content, such as an eBooks, away for free; collect a high-quality lead from it and hand it over to your sales team for closing. Also, search engines, like Google, love quality content that gets updated frequently and they will rank you higher for it.

We’re here to help your company reach it's goals by developing effective content marketing strategies that generate high-quality leads and actually convert into sales. We have several offices in Illinois including Carol Stream, Chicago, Bartlett, Brookfield, Geneva and Roselle. Call today at 773-680-6952.


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